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Portrait of a winemaker: Kristina Mervic


„We cultivate 3,5 hectares of vineyards that grow on land consisting of an alternation of layers of marl and noble clays, at an altitude ranging from 100 to 350 meters above sea level. Their position, with slopes of 30-45%, covered by terraces, is oriented towards south-southeast and enjoys a particular microclimate: in this area cold winds from the north and mild currents coming from the nearby Adriatic mix.

We mainly produce white varieties including Ribolla, Chardonnay, „Jakot“ (this is the name we gave to the old Tocai, which today in Italy is called „Friulano“), Pinot bianco, Malvasia, Sauvignon and the „Sveti Mihael“, a blend of Sauvignon, Pinot bianco, Ribolla and Malvasia. This year, for the first time, we will also be breeding „Vitovska“, an indigenous variety of our area. Our reds are Cabernet sauvignon and Merlot, as well as a blend of these two varieties.

Through an organization, authorized in Slovenia, we are part of the system of integrated cultivation and production of grapes and wines which involves a low production per plant, of about 1.5 – 2 kg for the white varieties and 2 kg for those red.

When harvested, the grapes are carefully selected. The grains separate delicately and undergo maceration on the skins which lasts 3-5 days for the white varieties, 1-14 days for the rebula varieties, and 4-60 days for red varieties. The wines mature on their own sediment – as long as the raw material is healthy – in oak barrels for 1-2 years. With this process we obtain wines that are ideal for aging, ready for sale after a minimum of 3-5 years. The wine then rests in the bottle for at least one more year.“

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Vor rund 15 Jahren machte ich das erste Mal Bekanntschaft mit den naturbelassenen Orange Wines. Die Stimmigkeit dieser Weine und ihre besonderen Winzer, waren für mich sofort spürbar! Als gebürtiges „Wirtshaus-Kind“ hatte ich schon immer viel Einblick in die Gastronomie- und Touristikbranche gehabt. Ich habe mir in den letzten Jahren – in zahlreichen Gesprächen mit Winzern – viel Wissen über diese Art der Vinifizierung sowie den bio-dynamischen Weinbau angeeignet. Somit habe ich mir das Ziel auferlegt, diese handwerklichen Weine einer interessierten, wertschätzenden und aufgeschlossenen Personenschicht zugänglich zu machen!